Take All This #BlackGirl Magic

Well hello there!

We have to stop reconnecting like this. I was going to do a 2016 life and business recap BUT everybody was doing this. I did not want to bombard you with the same thing. Now that we are well into 2017 I wanted to reintroduce myself to you by sharing with you my #BlackGirlMagic.

I never really share my personal or professional story in full detail. Instead I have been accustomed to sharing bits in pieces of it but never the UNEDITED truth. I decided its time you get to really know who I am.

Are you ready to take all this #BlackGirlMagic ?

Young Jade 

I am an original native of Dayton, Ohio. At a very young age I realized that I had a mother who suffered from mental illness and drug abuse. I also came to realize that I had a father who pulled disappearing acts. My mother raised me the majority of my life by herself. Looking back now, she did the best she could do in raising me under the circumstances.  In my younger years, I was bullied, teased, and often ridiculed by family and friends. In fact, my childhood nickname was “Miss Piggy”. This nickname which may seem innocent at first glance has scarred me in so many ways on how I felt about myself. You see this nickname has left me always having this image of myself that I am fat, ugly, unworthy, unloved. As a result, I began seeking people and things to validate this inadequacy I found myself constantly seeking validation.

School seemed like my healing. I buried myself in books and excelled there. But I started learning that friends and family started acknowledging me more when they knew I was smart.  I loved this newfound attention. However, this attention was dangerous. I began losing sight of who I was and what I wanted because I was too busy pleasing others.

Eventually, I hit rock bottom mentally. I tried to kill myself because I felt unworthy. I felt unloved and unwanted. I was hospitalized. During my hospitalization, I learned who I was and what I wanted. Upon my release from the hospital I began learning new tools and ways to satisfy myself and not become dependent on people and things.


I went back to school. I graduated law school and was hired at a world renowned law firm. There my perception of life began to change. Here I am this, little brown girl from the hood of Dayton, speaking with celebrities on a daily basis. BUT this fantasy began to end. I slowly began to realize law was not my calling. After a couple of years at the law firm I became miserable and depressed again. I would constantly ask myself , “is this life?”, “shouldn’t I be grateful?” These internal questions I had left me suffering.  Until one day a light bulb went off! I find something that I honestly enjoyed doing. It was my “happy  high” as I like to call it. I enjoyed mentoring and helping the women interns at the firm so I decided to created a business out of helping women discover who they are and their passions. This  led to the birth of Search for Her Existence, LLC.

The Grind

I eventually left the law firm but it was definitely not planned. I ended up being hospitalize during my pregnancy. My daughter was delivered at 24 weeks (5 months) due to complications. As a result of the pregnancy I ended up being diagnosed with kidney failure.  I had no medical insurance. My daughter had none. My previous employer did not extend the coverage while I was hospitalized. It left me creating a GoFund Me page. My family and I received an outpour of support. The financial donations assisted us until we were able to secure another form of insurance. During this time Search for Her Existence, was only a year old and I had just began the Leadership for Women Summit. Despite, my circumstances I worked day and night. I am pleased to say today the that Search for Her Existence and Leadership for Women are global business brands for women !

SO I wrote this super duper LONG post to share with you my #BlackGirlMagic. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what you have down in the past. What matters is what you are doing NOW. By society’s standards I should be a ghetto baby mama on welfare. But that stereotype does not apply to me because I will no longer allow anyone to dictate my journey.

Its time for us all to wake up , put our #BigGirlPanties on and share our #Magic with the world!

I hope this inspired you to go out and kick some butt today!

With Greatness,